2009.01.15 Cheers for Obama

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WaPo staff caught cheering an Obama (President Elect) visit back in 2009. Back then, they knew that this was a highly partisan act that showed their lack of objectivity, and they still cared, so they tried to make excuses that there's no proof it was reporters (and made no effort to check the facts on that). But everyone who knows WaPo and their staff knows better. Even if they didn't do it, they thought it.

I love the quote that shows their impartiality:

❝ There hasn't been this much excitement in The Washington Post newsroom since Brad Pitt dropped by. ❞


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Washington Post
A once great paper, now a liberal fake news rag that looks more like Bezos Blog (or the DNC's blog) than an objective Newspaper. To be fair, WaPo was always walking in the Grey Lady's (NYT's) shadow, and Jeff Bezos acquisition didn't change much... now that the NYT in the mud, it's no surprise that WaPo is crawling in the sewer. Here is a partial list of falsehoods, embarrassments, and mistakes.