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Back in April 2010, I went the 1 block from work to a Tea Party Rally in San Jose. It was tame, civil, and he crazies were sock puppet Democrats pretending to be Tea Partiers, so the media interviewed them, and cut out the signs that said, "he's not with us".

FYI: a sock-puppet is a plant to make the opposition look bad. And yes, there were a couple loons that might have been there legitimately... but in the bay area, there are usually dozens in any crowd, so they were actually under-represented.

But like I said, the the media spun the story by finding the one guy that had some racist T-shirt or placard and interviewing him and pretending he was the norm. They first had to get him away from the folks with signs that said, "he's not with us"... and they ignored that the guy was a long time Democrat operative (that came out on conservative sites later). My contempt for the media was once again verified. And the misrepresentation of the event and the people was complete. Mild mannered group of mixed race people was portrayed as a bunch of racist bigots trying to hurt minorities by balancing the budget.

Here's some of the pictures of a real Tea Party event: TeaParty : 7 items


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