2012.12.16 Clackamas Mall

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Jacob Tyler Roberts went on a shooting spree in an Oregon mall (killing 2, injuring 1), but CCW Nick Meli drew a weapon in site of Jacob, but did not fire (as there were people behind the shooter). The shooter ran into a hallway and killed himself. We will never know how many more he might have killed if his gun-free zone had not been violated by Nick, but it's pretty safe to say that at least some owe their lives to his actions.


📚 References
Good guys with guns - The news never likes to talk about GGWG's (Good Guys with Guns), and the many, many more cases, where responsible adults save lives, using guns. This is just a small sampling of the millions of DGU's (Defensive Gun Uses) that happen each year.
MassDGU - Here are dozens of examples of Mass shootings stopped by armed civilians. Those claiming that civilians don’t stop school shootings are either either ignorant, liars, or both. So if you hear or read that claim, you can immediately consider the source discredited by their own dishonesty, bias or incompetence. 37 items