2014 FBI study on mass shooters

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To get the basics, we should memorize the FBI Study on Mass Shooters and what it showed:

  • 160 events in 13 years, under 1 a month (11.4/year)
  • 6 were Women, all but 2 were sole shooters, and 5 of the mass shooters still remain at large
  • 67% ended before police arrived
  • 40% ended in suicide
  • average (mean) = 3 dead + 3 wounded | median = 2 dead + 2 wounded
  • 70% ended in under 5 minutes / 35% in under 2 minutes.

Now there was a spike after Obama got elected. Many believe the reason is because the Democrats, President and the media (all of the same political leanings) started sensationalizing these events as much as possible, as an excuse to get gun control. Whether that was the cause or just a contributor, these thing come in waves, and those waves tend to increase under Democrats. But these events are still extremely rare.

A bad year of mass murder is still much better than a good month in Chicago (when it comes to death count), and Chicago (478 deaths), is safer in per capita murder rates than quite a few other Democrat controlled cities like St. Louis (188 deaths), Baltimore (344 deaths), Detroit (295), New Orleans (164), Oakland (85). (All 2015 numbers).

Among risks, victim of mass murder is barely a blip. Kids are:

  • 7 times more likely to be hit by lightning than shot in a mass shooting
  • 10 times as likely to die of the Flu
  • 430 times more likely to die in drunk driving

So if the left cared about the lives of kids, they'd focus based on relative risk, instead of what gets them political gains (or contributions). So we know where their priorities are.


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