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In 2014 Hunter Biden (Joe's son), with no prior experience in Gas, Politics or Government Policy, joined the board of Burisma Holdings (the largest natural gas producer in Ukraine) for a fat fee of $50K/month, over the concerns of conflict of interest by the Obama Administration. Joe Biden was caught on tape bragging about how he demanded Ukraine to immediately fire the country's top prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, who was overseeing an investigation into Burisma (his Sons company), or he would withhold $1B in American Aid to Ukraine, and they fired him. His Son also did the same thing in China, and got an even fatter payout, which Joe Biden was also overseeing relations with. The defenses are that while they did collude/pressure Ukraine, others were as well, and the investigation was mostly dormant and not really about Hunter... but those are all benefits of the doubt the left/media/Dems would never give the right/Trump. If interference is a crime, then this is a crime. If it isn't, then Trump is innocent. Trump asked for Ukraine to investigate whether there was any impropriety, that is all: and that's not criminal. But it was enough to start Russiagate II, with Democrats demanding impeachment for the high crime of investigating more blatant wrongdoing by Joe than Trump has ever been caught in.


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It was a crime and of interest according to many outlets, until Trump asked about it (similar to the Newspapers demanded Comey's head, until Trump gave it to them, then they screamed that firing Comey for incompetence was obstruction of justice):

After Trump asked for an investigation, they screamed, that this was somehow a crime, when all the times the Obama or other Democrats had done worse, was not: