2016.01.21 Daniel Holtzclaw

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An Oklahoma City Police officer was convicted of coerced oral sex from 18 black Women, in 2016. Certainly Shaun was all over the story. Michellle Malkin feels there evidence of a retrial, and that closed hearings, and experts questioning things deserves a retrial, and that Shaun being moot on the topic reflects his lack of Journalistic integrity.

Personally, I'm not ready to throw Shaun under the bus on this one. I haven't seen a good laying out of the evidence against, and the case against him looks pretty strong (circumstantially). Michelle's view seems to be around the idea that there was no physical evidence or corroborating witnesses. Not to mention a nearly unblemished record until the charges, then suddenly all these women come forward (with shady backgrounds and who were arrested by the Cop, so might have an axe to grind)? Until I know a lot more, I have no opinion on this.


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