2016.02.13 Peyton Manning

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As the BLM hate mobs momentum was dying down, opportunist Shaun King was looking for a new horse to ride. The #metoo hate Lynch Mob was a delicious opportunity, and Shaun tried to ride that gravy train with a recycled version of a 13-year-old court filing regarding a Peyton Manning settlement with a female trainer (Jamie Naughright) who had claimed she was sexually harassed.... at least 33 times while at University of Tennessee, and at least a couple of others since. She had also changed her story years later, but Shaun either hadn't found out the details, or decided to post the more sensational one.

The basics seem to be that Payton had mooned another player when he was 20'ish, and there was a female trainer present. She was a sue happy person that made a stink about it years later. She sells it as he was tea-bagging her or something -- but other witnesses more go with his account. Whatever, it seems like a yawnable moment, not a serial sexual assaulter behaving badly, or someone else would have come forward. Shaun's shoddy journalism and nasty opportunities speaks for itself.


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