2016.05.31 Baltimore BLM Professor's racist tweet

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Lawrence Brown, Morgan State University Professor (and BLM agitator) said that "White People Need To Personally Give All Their Money To Black People" to make up for their white privilege.


This is all to make up for slavery, even though he never suffered under it, some of his relatives likely facilitated or perpetuated it, and none of mine did. (We immigrated long after that). But to end racism, he needs to perpetuate racism.


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I refer to Black Lives Matter as the Black-Clan. Why? Because they're mask-wearing racist who have been more violent than the clan has been since the 1920’s. The "victims" are usually repeat felons with long rap sheets, getting shot by minority officers, for brandishing weapons. All to further a cause that's complete anti-American bullshit: that the white establishment shoots unarmed black men for no reason, despite evidence to the contrary. They're a waste of space that only lowers humanity and tolerance.
Baltimore is another far left city, that acts like intolerant idiots, while mismanaging their city into a corrupt shithole country.