2016.07.07 Omar Mateen a Democrat

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After the left tried to paint Orlando nightclub shooter (Omar Mateen) as a conservative anti-Gay person, a few places pointed out he was registered to vote as a Democrat (and was a Muslim that didn't appear to know/care it was a gay nightclub). Snopes jumped in to defend their allies on the left, and did logic-yoga to conclude that while Omar might have registered as a Democrat, he might have changed his mind between registration and hit mass-murder.

While theoretically true, it's not fact checking to call everyone else wrong because of facts not in evidence, or imply that they were jumping to conclusions based on facts that we did know. If wishes were horses, beggars would ride. We go with what we know: Omar was registered a Democrat. We have no evidence he had a change of heart.

That doesn't make all Democrats into mass murderers, but more mass murderers do seem to be Democrats.


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