2016.08.16 Calling for peace?

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CNN falsely claims (and edits a video to show), Sherelle Smith and Kimberly Neal were “calling for peace” amidst riots in their neighborhood. Only they were clearly not. In the unedited video they said, , “Y’all burning down shit we need in our community. Take that shitt to the suburbs. Burn that shit down.” (1) CNN didn't offer a correction or apology, they just edited what they said, on the sly. (Not Journalism) (2) Their "correction" was still wrong.

CNN's edit changed "calling for peace" to, "calling for peace in her community, urging the protesters to go elsewhere".

What bullshit:

  1. Asking people to burn other people's shit down is not what "protestors" means, it's rioters.
  2. And telling rioters to go burn down your neighbors home (just not yours) isn't what "Calling for peace in your community" actually means.

So while it's technically slightly less inaccurate, it's not close to the whole truth or journalism. That would be saying, "this racist jerk was telling violent rioters to go burn down the suburbs", not "she was urging peace".


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