2016.09.23 Bush lost 22 Million Emails

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Ignoring that the point of their whataboutism was to distract from Hillary Clinton's high crimes of intentionally deleting government property and evidence of her crimes, while Bush's was a temporary (and rectified) transition. Most of the lies in their "Bush lost 22 Million Emails" piece are lies of omission, in at least this event kinda happened, just not in how they represented it.


Here's the basics you need to know:

  1. Email was in its infancy - so email migrations were messy
  2. The government and the rules had not yet been developed -- so it wasn't a crime back then, and if it was, it isn't the same as the later crime AFTER criticizing the former administration for doing it.
  3. The Bush administration did nothing wrong: they did a transfer from one email system to another, and all were archived and eventually recovered and made available -- but in the transition, they were temporarily unavailable.
  4. Short term unavailability is not the same as Hillary's deleting them, destroying the drives with a hammer, after running bleachbit and other digital scrubbers over the data, while that data was under Subpoena by the House Intel Committee. Then lying about all of it.

So Newsweak is just trying to make the Republicans look like hypocrites using the "you did it too", by running articles written for them by Clinton Campaign, Democratic Party, or at least their operatives within the publication.

A magazine that fell from mediocrity into the annals of incompetent partisanism. Once semi-reputable Newsweek started making supermarket tabloids embarrassed with articles like the following...



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