2016.11.10 Black mob beats white guy for voting for Trump

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David Wilcox was beaten (and dragged through the streets) for being a Trump Voter in Chicago. Unlike the later Jussie Smollett case, this assault was a real hate crime in Chicago, and the national media had no interest.


It seems to me that suppressing newsworthy assaults, when they sensationalize others with less evidence, is FakeNews (propaganda). They even had video of the assault by cell phones, a far more sensational story -- but since it was blacks assaulting whites, and it was against a Trump supporter, it got one day of local coverage, instead of a multi-week media blitz. We don't know if they were Antifa or BLM supporters just because they were black and yelling the same things you'd expect from them. But it's the same attitude of hate.

Democrat strategist Symone Sanders said Wilcox deserved what he got because he's white. Sanders then mocked and dismissed the beaten Trump supporter on CNN. [1] She is still employed by CNN.


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