2016.12.22 Embezzling, Hookers, Divorce (oh my)

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Just because David Mikkelson (CEO/Founder) was caught up in an unsavory divorce, or embezzled money to rent hookers, and they have no hard defined editorial standards, doesn't mean everything they wrote is crap. Most of it is fine. But the point is that I'm unconvinced that they're the paragon of moral, ethical and quality standards.

You can like or hate them: I'm fine with it. I don't care. I still use them on some things where they are accurate, and debunk them on things they are not. (Or mock people that buy into one of their fake stories or word parsing gymnastics as fact). But like people's actions, you should judge them one at a time. MLK gave a great speech and did a great service for America and civil rights, he was also a philandering hypocrite that hung out with communists and radicals. That doesn't make him all good or bad. But you're a self-blinded fool if you can't admit both sides of that coin.


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