2017.06.01 Paris Climate Accord

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Dumb tweet by the ACLU on Paris Climate Accord (June 2017). Sadly representative of many FakeNews outlets.

The ACLU moronically claims that pulling out of the do-nothing Paris Climate Accord was fostering racism, other outlets claim it's the end of civilization (or American leadership). If they could do basic economics, they'd remember that the 400,000 jobs that the billions of dollars to Paris would have cost, would most likely have to come from somewhere, and that's usually those on the bottom end of the employment scales (which are often minorities). Every place that repeated that claim without mocking it, was propagating FakeNews.


Can you get more dumb partisan than a tweet equating a do-nothing environmental agreement has anything to do with racial equality, just shows how dumbly left-wing political they've gotten.


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