2017.11.16 FakeExperts

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The paper is openly against conservatives, and Roy Moore especially. When a shaky claim of Moore's attempted rape of a girl (Beverly Nelson) and signing her yearbook came forward, Moore claimed that the document was forged and she was lying. WaPo had a Handwriting Expert (Mark Songer) authenticate the yearbook, and omitted mentioning all the contradictory evidence against the signature or Beverly's version of events. Later Beverly was forced to admit that had been forged, and WaPo never offered a retraction or apology.

The other evidence includes 3 other people came forward and said they thought the accuser (Beverly) was lying: her stepson, a boyfriend from the time, and a worker at the restaurant that said her description of the layout was all wrong and made no sense. That's pretty important stuff that goes to her credibility. But WaPo readers were kept in the dark, where they like to murder Democracy it seems -- since a misinformed electorate makes misinformed votes.

Later, Beverly came forward and admitted that part of the signature was forged (they were "her notes"). By posting the experts opinion, WaPo was standing behind them and propagating them as truth. That means they are obligated to offer a retraction and apology, and never use that person again. None of those things happened: they need FakeExperts to support their FakeNews.


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