2018.01.10 Oversharing

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There's a Project Veritas video going around that made a little bit of a stink about how Twitter would share Trump's private messages, a little too gleefully. The gleefully part is concerning, and while they have a history of being loose with our privacy, the majority of the point was "with the DOJ". That's not just a good idea, it's the law. So I don't have much of a problem with this.

Personally, this is the weakest of the attacks against Twitter to me. Sure, they have someone a little too enthusiastic sounding about violating someone else's privacy -- so there's some reasons for concern. But the basics of them complying with the law, and sharing everything with the DOJ, is what they should do: legally and ethically. They might want to pretend to care about their users privacy more, but still, in the end, I don't expect them to die on that particular cross.

Where I would have fished more, is whether they would have the same enthusiasm about revealing Obama, Hillary or Elizabeth Warren's private information, and that there was a sense of fairness in their creepy oversharing -- or whether it was partisan. And I'd rather they defended customer privacy more (by encoding things in a way where they can't mine the users private messages). But still, this is irksome at worst.


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