2018.04.11 NRA, Russians and Newsweek

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Newsweek scoop of the decade, that lots of places picked up: an article talking about 23 Russia-linked "donors" to the NRA. ZOMG. Then in the fine print... it was $2,500 total, over 3 years, the majority likely ex-pats or diplomats stationed abroad. No evidence the NRA knew or was soliciting. And there's no reason that the Russian government supporting a civil rights organization in the U.S. is a bad thing. Would the left scream if 23 Russians donated millions to Planned Parenthood or the Red Cross?

Their goal is obviously to mislead their gullible readers to think that Russia is colluding with the NRA, when the truth is that Americans abroad may support the NRA too. If they wanted to have any balance, let's find out how many diplomats and Americans working abroad, in countries hostile to the U.S., contribute to far left causes like the ACLU or NAACP, and pretend there are ties between them. Double eye-roll.


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