2018.11.17 Marine Attacks

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Antifa = Anti-First Ammendment
Two Marines were severely assaulted by an Antifa mob (severe beating) for walking through downtown Philadelphia. (They were presumed to be "White Supremacists). Thomas Keenan and Thomas Massey, both of whom had longstanding connections to Philly Antifa, were later arrested for the crimes. Along with Joseph “Jose” Alcoff the leader of the Smash Racism DC group that harassed Ted Cruz and Tucker Carlson. And it turns out that Alcoff had his hands in many Democrat policies, was the campaign manager for the liberal group Americans for Financial Reform, was invited to congressional Democratic press conferences, was a guest on a House Democratic podcast, and was a friend of Maxine Waters (D) California and Sen. Sherrod Brown (D) Ohio. After years of alliances, the Democrats are now trying to distance themselves... "I hardly know the guy".


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