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πŸ’© Jussie (star on show TV show "Empire") was allegedly attacked in Chicago, in what was initially being investigated as a hate crime. The first report was 2 men in ski masks making racial and homophobic slurs, assaulted him, poured bleach on him, and put a noose around his neck -- then stopped the attack for no reason. (Claims of them saying "this is MAGA country" were added later). Those with any skepticism wondered things like (a) what are white Trump supporters doing in sub-zero Chicago gay neighborhood ambushing a guy they seemed to know (b) then stopping for no reason (c) Why wouldn't Jussie share his phone records, drop his sandwich bag during the assault, or take off the noose off after going home and waiting more than 20 minutes to call the cops? The haters accused the skeptics of being racist for asking obvious questions -- but the story is falling apart, as is seems that Jussie staged the whole thing because he was going to be cut out of his TV show, and wanted to make it harder to fire him (the pity and famous name scam).


  • in less than 60 seconds, 2 guys that were positively ID'd by Jussie, assaulted him, put a noose around his neck poured an "unknown liquid" (bleach) on Smollett ~ because he was gay and black. But in the heat of a short assault, they hit/kicked him, then stopped while he was still relatively unharmed and functioning? So he got up, and continued on his way home to eat his sandwich (which he never lost or dropped in the attack). Then he waited 20 minutes, called the cops, and told them the story, without taking the noose (made of clothes line) from around his neck.
  • Later TMZ versions added, it was white guys saying, "This is MAGA country," implying it was Trump related (and it was a white on black crime), and caused Social Media outrage. But the Police confirmed he had NOT shared the white attackers (as they were wearing Ski Masks) or MAGA claims in his initial report. But those details were added later. A little suspicious: knowing race through Ski Masks and while being attacked is a little sketchy.
    • It turned out later the people Jussie ID'd from a video as definitely the attackers, were two black Somali Brothers (Olabinjo and Abimbola Osundairo) he knew from a TV show, and they were both body builders and not Trump supporters. So all the details were wrong. They claim he paid them to attack him, and are cooperating with police[1].
  • Jussie's manager claimed to have heard the slurs/statement via cell phone-- but Smollett wouldn't release his cellphone or their records to the cops. He did a summary of them in a spreadsheet -- and the cops compared them to the subpoenaed records and looked for his omissions. It turned out to be calls to the two attackers, and that's how they found them.
  • When asked obvious questions, Smollet didn't answer them -- he played the race pity card, saying things like he was targeted because he is a vocal critic of President Trump and, "It feels like if I had said it was a Muslim or a Mexican or someone black I feel like the doubters would have supported me a lot much more, and that says a lot about the place where we are as a country right now."
  • The day before Jussie's attack, he auditioned for a play ("Take me out") with the same basic plot: a biracial baseball player coming out as gay and endures a racist/homophobic attack, similar to the one he reported to police. Oh, and it appears Jussie used Instagram to alert the Nigerian brothers to his location. [2]
  • L.A. City Attorney: Smollett was convicted in 2007 of giving false info to Police. [3]
  • It turns out the Rocket Surgeon had mailed the hate hoax letters to himself -- which is a federal crime, so they're involved (that's 5 years on top of the local penalties). And then he paid his accusers for beating him up using a personal check. I wouldn't be surprised if the notes field said, "for publicity stunt". [4]
  • Jussie didn't give Brett Kavanagh the presumption of innocence (despite a complete lack of evidence against him) and was for the court of public opinion, but he demands the presumption of innocence for himself (while there's overwhelming evidence against him). This falls into the category that if the left didn't have double standards, they wouldn't have any standards at all. [5]


While these facts were coming out FakeNews outlets were sensationalizing the story that smelled fishy. Instead of offering all the facts, they omitted things that would make one skeptical of the attack, and pitched it is as proof that Trump fosters hate, and look at the poor intersectional victim.

  • NBC/MSNBC was making up evidence like, "They were wearing MAGA hats" when there was no evidence of that. [6] Then to top it off, they completely censored/suppressed the Arrest, Chicago PD Chief's News Conference, and all the details of what's happening from their PrimeTime News Reporting on the day of the event (and since). All the News that's fit to hide from your viewers. [7]
  • CNN spun the story towards sensational angles and left out (or downplayed) any of the details that might call into doubt the victims claims. Then when it blows up and Jussie is arrested, their biggest concern is that FoxNews or the President will beat up on poor Jussie.and make him look bad. No, the lies and fraud that he and FakeNews perpetuated did that. A real news organization would have cared about the truth more than how the truth looks. [8]
  • GQ spun it further with "Attack on Jussie Smollett Is Far-Right America's Endgame" and "When one of the most famous black and gay men in America is not safe, the message is clearer than it has ever been". How about the truth that, "the right isn't safe from baseless accusations and shoddy journalism", is that "the Far-Left America's Endgame", I'm waiting for their retraction.[9]
  • WaPo, "To many, the Smollett incident β€” and the political nature of the assault β€” is yet another reminder for many black gay Americans that this president’s vision of a β€˜great America’ does not appear to include them.” [10]
  • NYT played both sides, sensationalizing the story early on, but also willing to report the debunking of Jussie's claims later. While a little more journalistic restraint in the former would have been nice, they weren't the worst of the outlets, by far. [11]
  • Places like the Merc (San Jose Mercury-FakeNews) were attacking Don Jr. for liking a tweet that dared to question the many questionable claims in Jussie's story. They compared it to spreading conspiracy theories... that all turned out to be true. But more than that, skepticism isn't conspiracy stuff, it's the basis of science. [12]
  • Trolls / crappy politicians such as Kamala Harris and Corey Booker both played the race card and called this a "modern day lynching" before getting any of the facts, and used it as a call to pass their moronic "anti-Lynching" bill (something that has already been illegal since the countries founding), showing their interest in the truth, and in grandstanding. [13]
    • When asked about her comments (now that it appears a hoax), Kamala stammered what she should have said the first time, "the facts are unfolding, and I'll wait until the investigation concludes". In other words, when the lies fit her agenda, she feels free to speculate away. But when the facts don't, she reserves judgement indefinitely. [14]
  • Pelosi of course first supported him with a hypocritical tweet that "no one should be attacked for who they are"... unless they're Republicans/Conservatives of course. Then once the truth came out, she silently tried to delete it to revise the historical record. Too late, people captured your ignorant-barb that fostered more hate than it helped. [15]


So what did we learn?

  1. Like many TDS sufferers, Jussie is a completely immoral asshat. As Michael Smith points out on Twitter, Jussie was willing to sign statements against two innocent white guys (and send them to prison), and lie to the public about Trump supporters, to back his publicity stunt (fake story). But once he found out they had his false-flag attackers in custody, he refused to help. Think about that. [16]
  2. An obnoxious black gay-guy can't find anyone from the MAGA movement to assault him, so he had to pay people to pretend to be Trump supporters and do it, so that he could play the victim.
  3. We also learned is that outlets such as NBC and CNN are way too eager to hang racism around Trump supporters necks, and suspend journalistic standards and rational thought before reporting sensational claims to their gullible audiences. This is the same recipe on MAGA supporters in this case as the media/left always use: call them racists, and invent evidence of it. This was how they treated the whole Tea Party movement. Only this time they got more obviously caught.
  4. I'm sure not all the Anti-Trumpers and far-lefties are willing to lie for their cause -- but so many do, and get caught that it's a bit of a pattern. You get what you incentivize and the left and media rewards victims -- so we get more of it, from this, to the Brett Kavanaugh/Christine Blasey Ford debacle.
  5. And Pelosi, Harris and Booker (most of Hollywood and the left), owe the public and Trump supporters an apology, if only the media would hold them to the standards which they hold Trump or the other side. Instead they go mostly quiet.

Of course the leftist news doesn't hate jumping to conclusions like they whine about when the right/Trump does it. When it turns out to be FakeHate that furthered a far left agenda of stupid intersectionality, or hating Trump, they consider it "not newsworthy" to mention reasons to be skeptical. So they don't hate the technique, they just hate it when conservatives do it (and it is true), or they do it and it is false -- which seems to happen most of the time. And once caught in the lie (sloppy double-standards), they don't exactly hold themselves or their own politicians/celebrities accountable for jumping to those conclusions. Front page click-bait, back page corrections. They'll move on quickly to blame Jussie for creating the lie, instead of themselves for giving it a voice.

πŸ—’οΈ NOTE:
I originally wrote this with some reasons to be skeptical and wait for the facts to flesh out, and that the story smelled a little fishy/incomplete. Then I rewrote this/fleshed it out as the information about the fraud came to the expected fruition.


The satire site The Babylon Bee got the tone perfectly with their mock headline, "Nation's Liberals Devastated After Learning Hate Crime Didn't Actually Happen".[17]

Not to be outdone, the Street Artist Sabo mocked Smollet in fake ads for Black Klansman and Black Panther[18]


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