2019.02.03 Superbowl Ad

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In the wake of thousands of fake journalists getting laid off, WaPo ran a $5.2M ad during the worst Super Bowl in history, celebrating how far Journalism has fallen, and trying to prop up the sham that, Democracy dies in Darkness, or that it isn't places like WaPo trying to snuff out all the lights.

❝ When we go off to war, when we exercise our rights, when we soar to our greatest heights, when we mourn and pray, when our neighbors are at risk, when our nation is threatened — there’s someone to gather the facts, to bring you the story — no matter the cost because knowing empowers us,” Hanks said. “Knowing helps us decide, knowing keeps us free. ❞

It's not a horrible message. It's just completely tone deaf to how WaPo and the media is perceived because of their vitriolic hatred for over half the country, and the man they elected President. The sanctimonious ad, comes across to many on the middle/right as masturbatory hand-over-the-ears attack against Trump, for attacking FakeNews. So it plays well with the far left, that likes biased journalism (as long as it leans their way). But to appeal to the rest, a better message would have been, "We'll do better", or, "We'll try to be more balanced". Something that admits they have been out-of-touch, and are self-aware -- instead of egocentric narcissistic far lefties, like the audience still gullible enough to not see their biases and flaws.


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