2019.02.04 NY Tax-Increase causes $2.8B deficit

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Gov. Cuomo decried that people were fleeing the states high income taxes causing a revenue shortfall of $2.8 billion, and is making him reconsider spending on schools, health care and repairs to roads and bridges. (They could easily take it out of the highest ticket items like Social Programs to cover the shortfall -- but if they did that, few would notice and allow him to raise taxes later).

Of course Comrade Cuomo tries to point fingers at a Trump Tax Cut, that he both vilified as a tax cut on the rich, and now says that the rich can't afford the increase. Which is it Andy? It can't be both!

To the economically literate (polemic democrats need not apply) the truth is, Trump cut taxes more for the middle and bottom. And high end folks didn't get as much of a break. But it wasn't a big increase either. And people have been fleeing from NYC for decades (generations) because of their anti-liberty and high tax attitudes. Trump did not cause this, Democrat policies caused this. But since Democrats can't get elected telling the truth, they lie and point fingers.

Unintended Consequences
Every action causes a reaction. Some reactions are pleasant surprises, many are negatives, some are counter productive (perverse) and make the problem worse. Since consequences matter more than intentions, we have a social obligation to plan for them (and avoid them). The phrase "unintended consequences" is used as either a wry warning against the hubristic belief that humans can control the world around them, or more often against a really bad implementation of not-so-smart ideas or implementations. Those that deny unintended consequences are denying science (reality).



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