2019.02.21 Will Happer Climate Denialist?

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If you read FakeNews sites like Newsweek, WaPo or NYT, or read the tweets of far-left loons like Kamala Harris, you'd think the President put a radical anti-Science guy in charge of Climate Change study, instead of distinguished Princeton Physics professor emeritus, fellow of the American Physical Society, member of the National Academy of Science and the JASON group, who doesn't deny that increasing CO2 might have some small influence on climate. But does question the magnitude of the influence, whether the benefits of more CO2 are being ignored, and the cost/benefits of reducing CO2.

Being a skeptic is called science (all science is based on skepticism of what we once told was true). Being anti-skeptic is called superstition, bully, or anti-science. Screaming against someone because he knows more than you, and disagrees with you, isn't Science - and that's exactly what opponents to Will are doing -- unless their pedigree on the topic matches or exceeds him, and they can back up their claims. So far, neither has happened.


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