2019.02.27 Cohen Distraction

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Michael Cohen is a disbarred attorney, convicted perjurer (got nailed for lying to congress/FBI) and so on. Trump has made more progress on North Korea in 2 years, than Democrats (and other Republicans) had made in the last 20, and is having a summit that would benefit the U.S., Asia and the world. So the Democrats are starting a multi-day distraction campaign to take the testimony of a liar and fraud, to give their partisan media a FakeNews distraction to focus on, instead of the RealNews story which is the North Korean Summit. This shows that the Democrats and their Press would rather subvert global democracy and American National Interests, than give Trump an earned victory that benefits the country and globe.

Any news agency that picks up the Cohen story, and does not keep it in balance (in time and attention) with the far more important North Korean summit story, shows that they are not a real News agency, they're just fronts for the DNC propaganda machine. Any Democrat that participates shows that their interests are anti-American and anti-Global peace. You don't get to participate in this sham, and then pretend you care about the nuclear de-proliferation of the North Korea, ever again.


Paraphrased/rewritten from an Andrew Klavan satire piece:[1]

  • In an opening statement, Cohen said, “I sit before you today as a man who pled guilty to lying to Congress under oath—to testify to Congress under oath that I am not lying this time... but lied last time”... then he obviously lied multiple times, again, which the democrats aren’t interested in prosecuting, because they want to get the truth that badly.
  • Cohen testified he didn’t want to be in the WhiteHouse and wasn’t bitter about not getting asked, which why he lobbied so hard for it and told multiple people he was bitter about it. Even CNN admitted he was lying there.
  • Cohen said his place was as a personal lawyer, because in the WhiteHouse he’d no longer have attorney client privilege, unlike every other WhiteHouse lawyer in history, for no known reason.
  • Why? He couldn’t bear the thought of that potential disloyalty to Trump, which is why he stands before the committee today to attack Trump’s credibility, because he’s so f’in loyal it hurts.
  • Cohen said he wouldn’t take a pardon if it was offered, because he wants to spend 3 years in prison for lying to congress, which is why he’s lying to them again. "To protect his family".... from himself?
  • Cohen testified President Trump never thought he was going to win the election, which is why he paid hush money to Stormy Daniels so he wouldn’t lose the election. But it is only a campaign violation if he paid the hush money to help his campaign, that he didn’t want to win. Unless he did.
  • While there no evidence Trump colluded with Russia to win the election that he knew he would lose, Cohen knows Trump colluded with Russia anyways, based on nothing he can offer to the congress.
  • When Trump told Cohen not to lie to Congress, Cohen knew that meant that he should lie to Congress, about stuff that Trump administration already admitted publicly, so that Trump wouldn’t lose the election he thought he couldn’t win.
  • Meanwhile, President Trump spent the day trying to denuclearize North Korea and save civilization from extinction. But that’s not newsworthy... while the histrionics of a guy, coached to lie for the Democrats who had promised their campaign wasn’t about impeaching Trump, were spending all their time and energy trying to find excuses to impeach Trump. After all, they are the pinnacle of democrat honesty.

After the hearing, the news media agreed that the testimony had been a bombshell of a smoking gun that had caused a tipping point that would bring us to the end of the line where impeachment was waiting.

In a related irony, in advance of the Vietnam/North Korean negotiations, the Press/Left was saying that Trump was eager to sign any deal that North Korea offered (just like Obama did: without offering that context), to distract from this testimony (like Benghazi)... only this Presidents negotiations were scheduled far in advance of the Democrats fake-testimony stunt, and this President walked away from the deal which he didn't think was in American interests (unlike the last President). Which some news reports/politicians spun as proving the President wasn't sincere in wanting a deal or a good negotiator like the last one.


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