2019.03.02 Lies about Sanders' Speech

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While MSNBC has always been the propaganda arm of the DNC, when they get caught making mistakes (like claims about Bernie Sanders), will they correct them? The answer would be "no", like most mistakes. Bernie is a threat to the DNC establishment, so the truth takes a backseat to the agenda. And the Intercept earns a gold star for doing actual journalism and calling them out on it.

After Bernie Sanders speech, the first "analyst" that MSDNC went to was Zerlina Maxwell, a paid official for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign against Sanders. Her complaint, "I clocked it. He did not mention race or gender until 23 minutes into the speech"... ignoring that race/gender should not be the highest priority in the first place (unless you're a divisive intersectional snowflake), it is factually wrong:

  1. he started by thanking the Tokens/Props that introduced him, thanking Shaun King (race Huckster),
  2. the next thing he said was, "the core message of his campaign is that the underlying principles of our government ...[will] not be racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, and religious bigotry.”
  3. the next thing after that was, “the principles of our government will be based on justice: on economic justice, on social justice, on racial justice, on environmental justice”

MSNBC half corrected a tweet, but not the online broadcast -- but even then they lied about it, and said there was a passing comment that their commenter missed. No, there were a few strong callouts, so even the half-correction was wrong. The left of center Intercept calls MSNBC out on this. While the Intercept may biased, they do have journalistic standards and will write at least a few honest pieces that irritate the left.


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