2019.03.19 Swalwell v Crenshaw

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Swalwell tries slandering Trump over 1A. Crenshaw shuts him down with History Lesson on Dems and Obama. A Chimp can recognize itself in the mirror. The average democrat politician isn't that smart... or introspective.

What happened?

Swalwell shit tweeted, “I will do everything physically possible — march with my feet, shout from my lungs, and out-maneuver with my mind — to stop this [Putin censoring the Press] from happening in America. But you better believe @realDonaldTrump will try. And I know you’re with me. Not on our watch.”

Swalwell's usual divisive drivel trying to ad hominem others by pretending they want to do things they do not.

Crenshaw took his puny ass down in a reply tweet, “Agree. Defend #1A,.Truth is, we’ve been worried ever since: 1. Obama ACTUALLY put journalists under investigation (Not threatened on Twitter. Actually did it) 2. Dems have been urging limits to speech on social media platforms. That said, I’d march with ya.”

Beautiful exchange that exposed the left's double-standard, Swalwell's hypocrisy or ignorance, with a little history lesson for the intellectually tone-deaf, and defending the Constitution for BOTH sides, all-in-one tweet? Need some aloe vera there Swalwell? Because that burn looks pretty bad.


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