2019.03.25 AppleEvent, "its showtime"

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2019.03.25 Apple Event - “its show time” - notes on what Apple announced


Apple Services

  • Rainbow themed intro video (that looks like opening credits of movie/TV) that shows Apple products over the years [1]
  • Showed Services as the 3rd leg of their business stool: Hardware + Software + Services
  • Service (n): the action of helping someone or doing work for someone
  • These include things like: iCloud, Siri, Maps, Pay, Messages, FaceTime, Find My iPhone, Music, Podcasts, Books, the App Store, and News
  • Services need to be (1) easy to use (2) uncompromising attention to detail (3) keep your private info private/secure


  • News curated based on accuracy/interest not clickbait
  • 5M views/month = #1 News App
  • Magazines added to AppleNews (with better style/design capabilities)
  • {insert inspirational video here}

Roger Rosner (VP of Applications) & Wyatt Mitchell (director of design for Apps)

  • 300 Magazines
  • {insert demo here}
    • Shows LiveCovers (video clip behind cover photo)
    • TOC
    • Issue keeps typography/style — but reflows based on device
    • Has Magazine discovery tab (App Store)
    • Also knows your interest so can make suggestions based on topics
  • Great for customers & Publishers
  • Added LAT, WSJ, Canadian 30+ magazines (&Newspapers like the Star)
  • How does privacy work? On device recommendations — not tracking of what you read, or allow advertisers to do that
  • Cost: $9.99/month — it would be $8000/year to subscribe to all these publications
    • Family sharing (everyone gets to read everything on it)
  • Available: Today - U.S. & Canada (and French)
    • Australia and UK later this year
  • Demo: First month is free

Pay / Card

  • 10B transaction in 2019
  • 70% of merchants accepting it (in U.S.), 80% Canada, 80% EU, 85% UK, 85% Russia, 99% Oz
  • 40+ Countries and revions (by end of year)
  • Available to pay for public transit (Portland, Chicago, NYC later this year)
  • Goals: Simple Applications, No fees, Lower Interest Rates, Clear rewards programs, Private and Secure


  • Jennifer Bailey (VP of Pay)
  • “Healthier Financial Life”
  • Sign up on iPhone - approval in minutes (not days)
  • Wallet App improvements - including spending, payment due, direct texting support (through messages)
  • Show transactions on maps and names you can recognize
  • Categories (organized by color)
  • Spending trends over time (to allow budgeting)
  • Rewards
    • Cash-back, daily. Hence, “Daily Cash” name.
    • Can send it or spend it, immediately. (2% cashback on spending, 3% on Apple goods/services, 1% on physical card transactions)
  • Shows payment options on purchase over time
  • Allows more frequent payments (weekly / bi-weekly)
  • No late fees, no annual fees, no international fees, no penalties
  • Using Goldman (as bank) + Mastercard (as provider)
  • {insert video of card here} = just making the card out titanium & name = etched.
  • Security
    • Because of biometerics, transaction hashes, and privacy around each transaction, it’s highly secure
    • No card #, CCV, no signature or expiration on the card itself (all in wallet app)
  • Available: Summer
  • Interest rate: best in industry/class <- what is it? (I assume it floats based on credit score, but they didn’t explain that well)


  • Ann Thai (senior product marketing manager for the App Store)
  • Games = App Store is Largest Gaming Platform in the World
  • 1 Billion Download of games
  • 300,000 games in store
  • Free (or IAP) or Paid
  • Subscription service for games: “world's first game subscription service for mobile, desktop, and living room”
  • {insert design video here} = showed different game production houses talking about their designs.
    • Beyond a steel sky, Where Cards Fall, Fantasian, Lifelike, Overland,
  • Basics:
    • All games are available for one subscription
    • All you can play
    • No ads or additional up-sells
    • Can’t collect any data on you, without consent
    • offline play
    • iPhone, iPad, Mac, AppleTV — with transition/continuation
    • Parental controls for screen time
  • New Tab in App Store
  • 100+ new and exclusive games
  • {insert video here} = showed some of the game clips, in a very fast.
  • Cost: TBD
    • Family sharing
  • Available: Fall, 150+ Countries and regions

TV App

  • Peter Stern (VP of Services) & Cindy Lynn
  • Movies + CableTV bundle (Network/Sports/News)
  • tv channels
    • New ad hoc channel picking option
    • All-in-one app, on-demand, ad-free
    • Online or offline (downloads)
    • best picture and sound
    • Family Sharing
    • HBO, Stars, History, CBS access, etc —
  • New Designed App
  • {insert demo here}
    • Shows curated list of things that are on
    • “For You” that uses ML to show you what you might like
    • Movies, Sports
    • “Up next” (later watching)
    • Looks like Amazon Prime App (but better categorization?)
    • Kid friendly area
  • iPhone, iPad, AppleTV (May)— and Mac coming (Fall)
    • + Smart TV’s (Samsung, LG, Sony, Vizio, Roku, FireTV)
  • Privacy: No info sharing
  • Cost: TBD
    • Family sharing
  • Available: May for some updates, Fall release, 100+ Countries


  • Zack Van Amburg and Jamie Erlicht
  • Telling great stories
  • {insert story video here} = directors/producers (Spielberg, Howard, Sofia Coppola, M. Nigh Shyamalan) talking about the importance of stories and their impact on people.
  • Stars talking about their separate projects:
    • Spielberg on stage talking about his SciFi show (resurrecting anthology: Amazing Stories) about a guy pulled into his future (our present)
    • Reese Witherspoon & Jennifer Anniston & Steve Carrell talking about “the morning show” — pull back the curtain on the power dynamics between men and women in the high-stakes world of morning news shows
    • Jason Mamoa and Alfre Woodard talked about their show - “See”, blindness is the new normal, and how it changed people’s perceptions
    • Kumail Nanjiani - “Little America” stories about the America through the eyes of immigrants, and their normalcy
    • Big Bird - Muppets talking about a show teaching computer coding to kids
    • J. J. Abrams & Sara Bareilles - Little voices, a show about an aspiring musician
    • Finale voice: Oprah - explaining why she’s working with Apple (in 1B pockets) to create positive change.
      • 2 shows and a book club (where you can livestream with the authors)
  • {insert intro commercial here} - lots of scenes from various stars and shows.
  • Ad-free subscription, on-demand, on&offline, exclusive shows, anywhere the TV App is (iPhone, iPad, AppleTV, Mac, SmartTV’s)
  • Cost: TBD
  • Available: Fall, 100+ Countries


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