2019.04.02 Misleading Teacher Salary claims

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Harris put out a completely deceptive and dishonest claim, "that teachers pay is falling short of living wage in 30 states" and we need the fed to help. FakeNews Politifact backed her up, because completely misleading, if you parse everything she said in a way that most of her readers won't, then she's technically not wrong, so they mislabelled it as mostly true. Something they'd never do for a conservative.

The key to understanding the whore of the west coasts dishonesty is if you parse all the words:

  1. that "living wage" is not poverty as defined by the government, but a made up term by a far-left University (MIT) that adds in many adjustments for cost of living....
    • And that "Living wage" then ignores many special subsidies and programs like teacher / low-income housing, rent control, subsidized daycare, paying off your student loans, discounted utilities and a myriad of other programs
  2. it looks at take home pay of a starting worker, not real salaries of the median worker
  3. it ignores the entire value of teachers incredibly lucrative benefits package, or the value of retirement
  4. it ignores that teachers get 25%+ time off (like summers), and are supposed to supplement their income with part time jobs (that pay well): 9-10 months versus 12 for others
  5. it does this by assuming a teacher is the only worker in a family of 4 -- not the national average, and certainly not for their entire career

So while any reasonably intelligent person would assume that what Harris was saying is: total benefits, average family size, with non-salary benefits and summer income and working spouses -- thus they are completely mislead. If any of those factors was added, the numbers would be different. But she lawyered enough in there, that FakeNews outlets like Politifact can give a completely misleading and mostly false, a mostly true instead rating.

🗒️ NOTE:
There's other key factors like:
  1. This is a local problem, not a federal one, and is none of the feds business.
  2. The reason starting teachers make so little, is because the way unions work is ending teachers make so damn much. It is not balanced/loaded well. So the school systems are designed to have lots of volunteers and part-time roles, to offset the highly lucrative career folks who get fat paychecks and fatter pensions, and they often allow things like double-dipping. So it is not representative to look at the mean, but the median.


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