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Ilhan Omar was on video saying the terrorist supporting, anti-semitic CAIR, was founded because they recognized "Some people did something", meaning Islamic Terrorists took down the Twin Towers on 9/11. Fair was actually founded nearly a decade earlier. President Trump tweeted the video because it shows the truth about the left's PC apologism for 9/11. The left couldn't argue the facts, so they put their lie-machine in overdrive. WaPo FakeNews'ed by trying to claim that Bush said it too... before we'd identified the source of the attack (as if the context was the same). Atlantic tried to deflect for her. Other operatives for the DNC pretended that Trump was inciting violence or islamaphobia by showing the video of Ilhan's own words. This is moronic, the Republicans love her! She's the poster-child for stupid, racist (anti-Semitic), Politically Correct terrorist apologism. They need her to run-against in 2020. They're more likely to hire a security detail for her, than wish any harm on her. But still, Dems started a "#IStandWithIlhan", and cries about poor her, for having her own message magnified. The fake pearl clutching is an insult to our intelligence, and is obvious gaslighting.

Issue Lie Truth
Some People Mean old Islamaphobic Donald Trump is trying to get poor Ilhan Omar killed, by showing a video of her saying what George Bush did. In the real world, a racist Democrat said a dumb thing, and the President re-tweeted it because it was political gold, showing how out of touch the far left is with the average American, that they can't even admit 9/11 was Islamic Terrorism, and was a bad thing that shouldn't be politicized by the left or a Muslim, to pretend they care more than everyone else.


In a speech claiming that she's tired of U.S. Muslims being treated as second class citizens, and lots of leftist SJW dog-whistles, Ilhan tries to sensationalize Muslim persecution, while discounting their bad actions. She claims:

❝ CAIR was founded after 9/11 because they recognized that some people did something, and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties. ❞

The premise was a lie, Cair was founded in 1994, not post 2001 -- and it is a racist and terrorist supporting organization that exists to pretend everything bad by Muslims is someone else's fault. (Usually the Jews). The comment was stupid, and in a prepared speech where she could have fact checked it -- but since the Democrats are incapable of admitting a mistake, they attacked instead.

In context, it's worse. A few sentences earlier, she talks about the attack against Muslims in New Zealand mosque attacks was a “tragic, tragic nightmare.” But then goes to “some people” did “something”. That's not accidental downplaying of 4,000 killed in a coordinated attack by Muslims, after sensationalizing a long crazy dude taking out 1/80th as many people. He message was she cares more about 50 Muslims than 4,000 others. Whether it was Freudian or sincere, we don't know, but we know that's what she said -- and all politicians (even Muslim Women) should be held accountable for what they said. If she said, "sorry, poor wording", I'd accept it. But since the Democrats won't do that, I want to rub their noses in their own words until they own them and can admit that they were wrong.


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