2019.04.17 Message from the Future

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The Intercept decided to work with a socialist candidate (AOC) and put our her silly GND (Green New Deal) propaganda video, on a site that pretends to be news? It's fan fiction about a place where math and reason don't apply. The 7 minute masturbatory infomercial for stupidity is about AOC looking back from the future, on all the great things her economy ruining plan had done, in the alternate universe of watermelons. And how they saved the planet because we only had 12 years left. (Something scientists have all mocked).

I'm almost convinced that AOC is a false flag effort by republicans to sabotage the Democrats. If not, they're at least contributing to her: she's a gold mine of stupid things that many far-lefties believe, but aren't dumb enough to say out loud. That she says them, is bringing tears of joy to Republicans eyes, at getting to run against her.

That the Intercept would add their name and reputation to her effort? That's the worst judgement since CNN decided to peddle the "Russian Collusion" hoax.


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