2019.04.17 NYT fails Christians-101

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After the Notre Dame fire, the Times reported that Father Jean-Marc Fournier (Paris Fire Department chaplain) went in to save holy relics, "the crown of thorns and a statue of Jesus". There was no statue, it was most likely "the Blessed Sacrament" (referred to as "the Body of Christ") and the idiot reporters and fact checkers didn't know what that means, or know to ask, so figured, "statue". If this was the first gaffe, who cared, but the NYT has a history of having no Christians on staff to correct their semi-regular blunders.

Technically, this isn't Fake News, it's more a gaffe. But they spread this silliness to their audience, and correct it later -- as if their readers are going to go back and notice. Or they never correct them. So it's not malicious Fake News, it's incompetent Fake News, but it certainly isn't getting the News right.


Other such blunders include:

  • 2016 Executive Editor Dean Baquet admitted they were blindsided by Trump's election, because they don't have any clue on conservatives or religion. That isn't a gaffe, they prove it.
  • 2014 they referred to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher (in Israel) as marking the site where Jesus is buried. Nope. He rose from the dead and ascended to Heaven. We call that Easter. This was a year after they fucked that up before.
  • 2013 they claimed Easter was about Jesus's resurrection. Nope, it's about his ascension into Heaven.
  • 2005 they said Pope John Paul II was buried with a silver staff, called the crow’s ear tucked under his left arm. That ceremonial staff is called a crosier or crozier. (They still never corrected that story).


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