2019.04.19 Apple v Qualcomm

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Look, I don't really have a dog in this fight. But according to this article, Apple was trying to destroy Qualcomm through some highly questionable means, and also screwed Intel out of the business and was also possibly behind attacked on Huawei, in a plot to own the cellphone market.

The article reads a little too conspiratorial, a little weak-sauce on offering facts to back his accusations up, and a little bit anti-Apple / pro-Supplier (Qualcomm). But that doesn't make him right or wrong, it just makes me leery of taking one emotional/biased blogpost as gospel, after there's hand-waiving comments that no one in the Valley does business with Apple twice. Um, Qualcomm isn't exactly loved, especially by people that left. And I'm not completely convinced breaking open their IP claims and allowing everyone to rip it off would have been bad for the industry. So it's a little bit blurrier than I was getting from that article. So interesting, but I'm not ready to trust either side on this one.


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