2019.04.30 Newsweek and Reich

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Two little fascists sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g. Democrats are trying to subvert a legally won election, and attack anyone who exposes the truth about Hillary and Obama's Russian collusion. So they threatened to go after (subpoena) Attorney General William P. Barr because he accurately paraphrased the Mueller Report. Just like Obama did with Eric Holder (but this with more legal justification and less obstruction), Trump said, "no thank you". Executive Privilege applies and the AG doesn't have to testify. And mini-Marx lost his shit and Reich misinformed his students, again, on what this is about using lies of omission and commission to make his followers dumber and more like him.


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A magazine that fell from mediocrity into the annals of incompetent partisanism. Once semi-reputable Newsweek started making supermarket tabloids embarrassed with articles like the following...


Robert Reich
Robert Reich the 3rd (or the 3rd Reich), seems to be a German with Napoleon Syndrome, and pick the wrong side of every issue. The charm of Rosie O'Donnell, the wit of Nancy Pelosi, and the balance of Michael Moore, if I want a moral compass, I use him for his knack to always point due south. This article details a small fraction of his stupidity and dishonesty.