2019.06.18 CNN Pulls plug on uncomfortable truths

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Trump's campaign launch rally was far bigger than all the 20+ Democrat ones, combined. while CNN and other outlets covered the Dem rants wall-to-wall, once Trump's crowd started chanting "CNN Sucks", CNN decided to talk over and cut away from a newsworthy event, because the truth didn't reflect well on them. It's not Trump's (or his audiences) fault that CNN made themselves part of the story with biased reporting and frauds like Acosta: they own that. Thus, while I don't think it's any sort of "Free Speech" issue or anything (CNN has the right to censor what they want), it does show that they're willing to twist the news or try to control the narrative. That means that they aren't a raw news agency but a agenda/propaganda based outlet, which is the very definition of FakeNews.


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