2019.07.19 NYT tries to slam U.S. for space program

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2019.07.19 NYT tries to slam U.S. for space program.jpg
2019.07.19 NYT tries to slam U.S. for space program.jpg
Media take on the Space Race, emphasis on Race, shows politicians masquerading as journalists who want to lecture us by seeing everything through a racist lens. StarTrekRace.jpg

The Grey Lady has always been a yellow rag, but they once had the ability to hide it better. Since they are always looking for ways to bash America or aggrandize their view of social justice, on the anniversary of one of America and the world's greatest achievements (the moon landing), what's their point? "How the Soviets Won the Space Race for Equality". As if there ever was such a thing. In a coordinated attack(?), WaPo wrote/shit-tweeted how the culture there was very family unfriendly and white male, as if that matters. Their imagined point was that while America sent the first man to the moon, the Soviets sent the first woman, asian, and black into orbit: so communism rules, capitalism drools. Lies of omission are still lies. Soviets had a cruel disregard for human life (they only cared about PR) and they sent 4 women, ever. The U.S. sent ≈50 women, including first mother, first Chinese Woman, first married couple, first black and hispanic women, also the oldest (@Hollymathnerd). If you're retarded enough to only measure humanities successes by the intersectional victimhood status, the U.S. still crushes the Soviet Union. Oh, and many more Women and people of color or religious minorities fled from the Soviet Union to America (or anywhere else) for the opportunities and diversity, very few the other way around.

Dan Crenshaw nailed it with this question, "Why is it that every time something has the potential to bring us together — in this case the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 — leftists media outlets do their best to undermine the notion that Americans should be proud of their country?"

Others commented that, "It wouldn’t be a celebration of American ingenuity without the Washington Post finding a way to crap all over it". Or better,

  • It was white, "Just like the WaPo newsroom at the time"[1]
  • Or, "Have you looked at the moon? It looks white. White bad. Moon bad"[2]

It isn't that you can't question gender/race biases today... it's that going back to 1960's and wondering why there weren't many black female Aerospace engineers, when there weren't many black female reporters, is just dumb presentism and hypocrisy. We were trying to grab from the best and brightest (and most trained) -- the fact that fewer black and women went to college for Aerospace degrees is a surprise to no one with a triple digit IQ. WaPo/NYT feign surprise.


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