2019.07.22 beaten to death

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Berkley man (Tyler Wingate) was beaten to death after car accident in Detroit. If it was a black guy beaten to death by a white guy, with a bunch of white guys witnessing and doing nothing, it would have been sensationalized as a race crime. Since the colors were reversed, the media was silent on this kind of far, far more common race crime. The same, if the kid had been shot, the media would have sensationalized the tool, but since he was just murdered by getting curb stomped, it doesn't count as being as much of a problem?

This isn't rationalizing white on black crime -- but it is meant to point out that the media sensationalizing crimes against blacks as racially motivated, angers blacks. Just like this would do for some whites. So I don't mind that the media doesn't call out race in the frequent black on white crimes. I have a problem with them throwing gasoline on the campfire by always taking the cheap shot before getting the facts, when the races are reversed.

Real Hate

This is a list of "Real Hate"... the rash of violence (>50 attacks) against conservatives or MAGA supporters that happened after the election that you may not have read or seen much about. This isn't just inciting violence, but committing it in order to encourage more of it (or to stifle the opposition). The point being that if this is news to you, and some of these are more horrific and newsworthy than lesser things that you have heard about, then that's evidence of FakeNews. That your information is being censored (filtered) and you're not getting a balanced view of reality. more...


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