2019.08.14 Israel boycotts the Squad

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First you boycott Israel, then Israel boycott's you back.
"The Squad", or at least Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, planned on going to Israel, meet with terrorist, do a bunch of PR stuff to support terrorists, and mock and annoy Israel. Israel had other plans and denied permission for the visit. Because Trump publicly tweeted his support for Israel banning them, the Press/left took the opposite position and made a lot of FakeNews around the topic (NYT, CNN, etc). But the truth is:
  • (1)They were NOT an emissary or dignitary of the U.S. government, these are low level government functionaries, visiting in a non-government capacity or they'd be violating the Logan Act. Thus there's no slight to the State Department, or the U.S. government.
  • (2) These are people that have encouraged economic warfare to Israel (BDS movement), refused to condemn terrorism or human rights (Female Genital Mutilation), aided and abetted Israel's enemies (terrorist organizations), were planning on visiting terrorist organizations while there, and they even called their trip a "Delegation to Palestine".
  • (3) A couple weeks later, Russia denied access to a GOP leader. Not one of the Squad or the left-wing media was outraged, showing their outrage was never a principled stance, it was strictly a partisan one.[1]

Israel of course said that if Talib wanted to visit her Grandmother on humanitarian grounds, they had no problem with that (and agreed to let her come), but under the terms of no politicking/activism. And Talib rejected that, saying it would be too humiliating to go under the restrictions of not being a grandstanding tart.


The official position of the U.S. State Department is that the U.S. doesn't care that Israel rejected some anti-Zionists from visiting Israel. That they are representatives of small fanatical districts, does not impact the larger U.S. and Israel International relationship: Israel has a right to reject terrorists supporting fanatics from visiting their country.

If a representative of the Taliban wanted to visit the U.S., even under the flaq of an "ally" like Afghanistan or Pakistan, we have a right to say, "No!" We don't like that person, we don't want that person, based on past acts and allegiances.

When they aren't even travelling under the flag of diplomacy, and are just low level government workers? There's no diplomatic implications to the wider government to tell them to fuck off.

If you haven't heard that in the News you watch, then your News is FakeNews. (Not giving you the full context).

The Babylon Bee summed it up best:

It's getting harder to tell where satire ends now days.


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