2019.08.25 NYT outraged that people are quoting their journalists offensive posts

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NYT is both the shitter, and the product, because they believe their own bullshit (writers).

So the NYT and other media outlets have a history of combing through anyone who doesn't agree with the far-left agendas past, and outting them for the worst things they said (out of context, and with no idea of scale). (If not directly, then through proxies like MediaMatters). They think this is speaking truth to power, ignoring that they're the power. Well, now that some have flipped it, and done it back, they're outraged! Warning: people are going through our "journalists" old twitter feeds and social media, and finding out that they're partisan douchebags, and exposing us for who we are. While I'm not a fan of the technique, I wasn't a fan of it for the last decade or three that the media has done it... and now that they're getting turn-about, it's hard for me to be as outraged as I once was. What did you think was going to happen? We warned them to cut this shit out, but they didn't listen. Now that it's become an accepted norm, it's only just desserts that they're not immune and getting it back.

Here's the outraged NYT headline: "President Trumpโ€™s allies intended to harass and embarrass individuals affiliated with several leading news organizations"... translation: "waaah! After two years of our tireless harassment and misrepresentation of anyone on the other side, they're doing it back!". Well fuck you. You replaced journalistic standards with gossip and anonymous single sources, and speculation and opinion, and the worst thing you could find on people (out of context). So I have no sympathy that you're going to fall victim to your own standards. No immunity just because you claim to be "the Press".

Examples of them jumping on people (often without all the facts, sort of doxxing them or putting them under the spotlight):

  • Kyle Murray (Football) was attacked for bad tweets when he was 14.[1]
  • Joe The Plumber [2]
  • Nicholas Sandman (Covington Catholic High School). [3]
  • HanAssholeSolo: some troll created a video of Trump tackling a CNN. Trump thought it was funny and retweeted it. So the media doxxed the guy to show he was a racist because he once made an anti-semitic tweet, and thus Trump was by proxy for not doing research on every meme he thought was cute/funny. [4]
  • Kyle Kashuv (Parkland teen and Second Amendment activist) [5]
  • Kevin Hart did some Homophobic Tweets (several years ago), and was forced to step down as Academy Award Host [6]
  • Elizabeth Lauten FB'd that Sasha and Malia should "Dress like you deserve respect, not a spot at a bar"... and so was driven out of her job. [7]
  • Kevin Williamson was mobbed out of The Atlantic for some tweets on pro-life. (he wrote a book on the topic, The Smallest Minority: Independent Thinking in the Age of Mob Politics).

Of course a couple other FakeNews outlets jumped onboard. Like MSNBC's Joy Reid tweeted (then deleted), โ€œWelcome to the age of digital brownshirtism.โ€ Media Matters exists to inflate controversial statements by conservative media figures with the goals of getting them chastised or fired. Why the heck shouldn't the media be under the same degree of scrutiny and pressure they put on others?

Well it turns out a few left of center places like Politico and WaPo both rolled their eyes at the NYT Double Standard, and told them to stop their whining. Well good-onya, there's at least a few outlets on the left that are getting tired of their own sides stupid antics. [8]


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