2019.09.09 Russian exfiltration

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CNN did their usual anonymous source hit-piece against Trump, that his loose lips and leaking of information made the CIA exfiltrate (pull out) a key Russian asset, over fear of him being exposed (on CIA Director Mike Pompeo's orders). And of course that was backed up with other unnamed sources about "Wide concerns about Trump in intelligence community". (Vox, The Hill and The Guardian also regurgitate the story). [1] In an extraordinary move, the CIA (no fan of Donald Trump's) responded by calling the story and CNN "misguided" and "simply false". [2] The CIA went on to explain that the decision was made weeks before Trump took office in late 2016, but the source had refused, until months later and it was the media inquiries that convinced the source that he had to go (not Trump). So with the CIA calling CNN liars or fools, who are you going to believe? (Remember that CNN also completely blew past debacles like their Don Jr. Hysteria where they broke Don Jr. had advanced knowledge of Wikileaks: debunked with a simple date check. Or that 3 other reporters were forced to quit over their faked Scaramucci-Russia story.


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