2019.09.20 Forced Hair Cutting

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A 6th Grade Virginia Private school girl (who was black) accused three white classmates last week of forcibly cutting her hair... and that made national news. The FakeNews used it repeat their fabrications about national race problems or worse, coupled it to Jeff Pence (VP) and his wife. Racism is everywhere! Now the accuser admits the allegations were false. The problem isn't just with the people who cry wolf, it's with the media that sensationalizes these FakeNews stories for clicks (chasing the algorithm before fact checking).Some are more responsible with corrections than others, but corrections wouldn't be necessary if we had responsible journalism waiting to get the facts, instead of sensationalizing every accusation with national front page headlines, and back page retraction.

The reporter whos started the story, had promoted the families beauty products before starting the viral racial haircutting story. [1]. It seems like if any news had anything resembling fact checkers, they might have noticed this questionable behavior?


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