2019.10.02 Revising History the NYT way

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He who controls the past, controls the future. He who controls the present, controls the past. ~ George Orwell (1984)

If you want to know what FakeNews (or a FakeNews Organization) looks like, find one that revises stories behind their readers back. Like the NYT claiming that the NRA sought a Quid Pro Quo deal with the Oval office... and got a bunch of the far left voices to react (WaPo, Te Lieu (D), Judd Legum and his thousands of twitter ranters). Then they quietly change the story to retract that information without telling anyone, after the damage to the President/NRA's reputation has been done. When challenged, they claimed this was their normal editorial process (a lie), but as if that makes it OK.

New York Times
A never great News Agency has become a shadow of their former self: admittedly biased by their own Ombudsman and editors, as well as exposed confessions. They still have occasionally good content, but that can't make up for their more frequent bad, or their willingness to deceive, commit lies of omission, or present things in a biased way. (Never trusting their readership with the whole truth). More than that, some insist on idol worship for what they publish, and abject denial of their obvious and omitted bias: and that fuels the backlash against them.



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