2019.10.08 Newsweak blows Gun Control argument

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Newsweek's Asher Stockler quotes a University of Michigan study on gun-death rates and misrepresents the facts that, the only two states that saw decrease in firearm mortality rates, were strict gun control, California, New York, and DC. Unfortunately for them, Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii, Rhode Island, and Connecticut all saw decreases as well. And NV, AZ both have constitutional carry and very 2A-friendly laws. Also Massachusetts, New Jersey and Illinois are strict gun control states and they saw a big increases in the gun death rates (>20%), far more than other gun friendly states. And if you glance beyond the surface, in most of the states that saw increases, that increase is due to an uptrend in suicides (not murder or crimes), and suicide rates went up faster than gun suicide rates. So the point is enact gun control and have your suicide and gun deaths go up? Or is it just that leftist outlets like Newsweek lie to their readers.


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