2019.10.16 Chick-fil-A Uganda

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FactChecking the Chick-fil-a supports an organization that sponsored Ugandan's death penalty for homosexuality bill, Snopes gets it all wrong. The facts are: (1) There is no current consideration for such a bill (2) Chick-fil-a donates to WinShape charity, which doesn't sponsor NCF (NCF sponsors WinShape) (3) NCF did once support a variant of a bill (back in 2010) that included that... and WinShape stopped contributing to them as soon as they found out. (4) Chik-fil-a has not supported legislative campaigns of any kind in Uganda. No charitable organization can know that every charity they support, might support another charity (twice or thrice removed) that might support something they don't like. The left would never hold themselves to that standard... but they hold conservatives to that standard, and then mislead people by pretending its the parent organization doing it, and get the basic facts wrong while fact checking it.


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