2019.10.21 Evangelical Support

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The Left-Wing Atlantic wrote an opinion hit-piece wrapped up as a fake Study to imply that "Nothing Will Persuade White Evangelicals to Support Impeachment". A delusional headline, and a worse article. If Trump took the left's position of supporting 4th Trimester abortions, he'd lose a bunch of them. And certainly if the left could show evidence of an impeachable offense, and followed the rule of law in impeaching him, it might go a long way towards persuasion. But since Pelosi is holding secret tribunals, with no cross examination of witnesses, no formal charges, and no accountability for their side lying on the stand (like when Schiff made up what he thought Trump was saying), it's not likely to be persuasive to those that value the rule of law.

The far left will claim, but The Atlantic "piece simply recited survey data"... in 750 words of editorializing on irrelevancies, and not actually mentioning the study results (beyond generalizing factually incorrect editorials).

It starts with "Trump claims he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue..." and editorializes about Ukraine, "WHITE evangelicals", Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Christians, and implies there is "nothing the president could do to lose their approval" all complete editorialized bullshit.

Their only hint at the study/poll was at the bottom of the 3rd paragraph by saying "82 percent" (of evangelicals) still want Trump on the ballot.

Why not? He's not guilty of a crime, and certainly, if Pelosi had anything on Trump, they would have come out with the evidence. It started under the false flag of a "Quid Pro Quo" with Ukraine, in asking them to investigate American and Ukrainian corruption (the Presidents job)... but once that fell apart, they promise that there's something big there, they just won't tell us what.

The study/poll [1] shows what American care most about. And it shows that conservatives care about: Terrorism, Immigration, Crime, Healthcare, Foreign Interference in American Elections and Climate Change, in that order. Trump is strong and Democrats are weak (or bad) on Terrorism, Immigration, Crime, Healthcare, Foreign Interference in American Elections and Climate, in that order. So it's no surprise that they'd think Trump is the lesser of two evils.

In 2016 92% of Republicans indicated that the country was on the wrong track. Today that number is 74) say the country is going in the right direction. I'm shocked they're not fans of impeachment based on no high crime and no open trial.

They claimed that "42 percent of Republicans said there is virtually nothing the president could do to lose their approval"... but did they? They actually answered a question that "approve" of his policies and that "there's almost nothing he do to lose that approval". But they don't offer historical averages to see if that's stronger than Obamabots and their radical support of him, or Pants Suit Nation cult followers. So we have no context. If Trump started voicing against things that Evangelicals care about -- like he supported 4th trimester abortions as the left does, or was as weak as Democrats on crime, national security or immigration, they'd likely drop their support of him in a heartbeat. (Assuming the Democrats had a viable alternative, which they don't). And the Atlantic omitted the context of what they were comparing it to.

A majority (52%) of white evangelical Protestants said wish Trump’s speech and behavior were like past presidents. But that was omitted from the article.

They did bury the point that 29 percent of registered voters told PRRI that they would vote for Trump in the 2020 election, no matter who becomes the Democratic nominee. By comparison, 40 percent of registered voters said they would support the Democratic candidate no matter who it is. So it seems that the Democrats are far more close minded than the Republicans on this one.

There wasn't a word about the unconstitutional or quesitonable conduct of the left in all this, and why that may have made the other side dig in. But that would require introspection that is antithetical to far lefties like The Atlantic.

So the Atlantic either doesn't know evangelicals, or knows that their base doesn't know evangelicals


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