2019.10.28 Sean Kealiher

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After a riot earlier in the night, at the appropriately named Cider Riot (an far-left Antifa/anarchist hangout), an extremist Antifa supporter (Sean Kealiher) got was walking back to his car with Hyatt Eshelman and got into a drunken argument with some guys on the street. The street guys got into a Ford SUV and drove away, did a U-turn, and intentionally drove into Sean (and the Democratic Party of Oregon headquarters). Hyatt pulled out a gun and fired a few rounds into the truck, and the occupants of the SUV fled. Of course the Antifascists warned members against cooperating with the media and "the pigs" in the investigation.


Antifascism is just fascism by another name. They incite or commit violence, and the left tolerated and supported it for years. They say they hate Trump because he's a fascist, but they love Antifa which are Anti-Capitalists who dress in black (like Fascists), to fight Fascists by emulating fascist tactics, commit acts of violence, disruption, vandalism, and beat up anyone they don't agree with.... just like fascists. Nope, that doesn't sound like the other far-left movement called Fascism... other than it is exactly like Fascism. For the exact same excuse: you need them to protect you from people like them. Just another group of violent leftists. more...

Andy Ngo

The sub-editor and photojournalist for Quillette (Andy Ngo), spent the evening in the hospital with a brain bleed (and caustic burns) after being attacked by antifa during a protest in Oregon. The reason for the assault? The left-wing thought-police felt the gay son of Vietnamese immigrants should be hit with bricks and caustic \"milkshakes\" because he once wrote an article that explained England was becoming more Muslim and less tolerant, or he was photographing the violence of the Anti-American left. Some in the left wing media (NYT, WaPo, Boston Globe, Rolling Stone, Slate, Vice), are claiming he's not a journalist (despite being one, and being published), and saying he deserved it (cheering on the violence and opposition to free speech), because that's easier than questioning their sides motivates/actions. Twitter is banning people / de-verifying those who expose who did it: (@Lucet_Veritas, @Rambobiggs). more...


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