2019.10.30 WaPo publishes ChiCom Propaganda

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Since at least 2010, WaPo has periodically published an insert entitled “China Watch,” which is produced by the English-language communist mouthpiece China Daily, that includes effluent praise of mass killer Mao Zedong like, "Seventy years ago on this day, Comrade Mao Zedong solemnly declared here to the world that the People’s Republic of China was founded and the Chinese people had stood up." They omitted that then Mao murdered 65 million of them. But other than that, he's a great guy.

Washington Post

A once great paper, now a liberal fake news rag that looks more like Bezos Blog (or the DNC's blog) than an objective Newspaper. To be fair, WaPo was always walking in the Grey Lady's (NYT's) shadow, and Jeff Bezos acquisition didn't change much... now that the NYT in the mud, it's no surprise that WaPo is crawling in the sewer. Here is a partial list of falsehoods, embarrassments, and mistakes. more...


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