2019.12.15 The Greta Train

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You might be cool, but you'll never get Time Magainzes person of the year for riding on a diesel train, eating potato salad out of a single use plastic container, read in a single use plastic bag, dip in a single use plastic tub, using plastic silverware, while complaining about how everyone else is ruining the planet with pollution cool.
Greta keeps getting caught being dishonest, and whenever someone points it out, her fans yell about her superior victimhood status (that she's a special needs child, so you can criticize her lying). In this case it was her tweet about sitting on the floor of an overcrowded Diesel Train (“Traveling on overcrowded trains through Germany. And I’m finally on my way home.”). Yes, after a hard day scolding us about our carbon footprints... and it turns out she really was in first class most of the trip, but took an opportunity to sit with the underclass and whine about how hard she has it. Her allies were mad at the train company (Deutsche Bahn (DB)), for reply tweeting about thanking them for the first class accommodations she was sitting in most of the trip.

Greta Thunberg
A clueless girl (Scoldilocks) tantrums over things she doesn't understand and the FakeNews/left activists and their media treat it like it's a significant event. It's child abuse. Greta Thunberg is this clueless, nasty little teen (Lisa Simpson Crossed with Bane ) that has been ruthlessly exploited and programmed by the far left (and her Parents), to the point of raging over things that aren't science and she has no fucking clue about. She's the voice/image of the radical "Global Climate Strike" crowd, so the media/far-left is using her like the Cartel (Human Traffickers) use any other teenage girl. Twitter is blocking people (Avi Yemini) for challenging her dogma with the facts. Her school and parents failed her into become like any cult victim / zealot. But her nasty little eco-fascism theology proves that there's still plenty of evil in the world, as demonstrated by those that set this mini-fanatic on us, and expect us to take her seriously.



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