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I was changing roles in my company, so I asked IT (a) can you create a new email address so that I can leave the old one as an OOO (Out of the Office message) to tell people where to go for support on their old problems (and I'd set the OOO message on the old one). Should be easy, right? I put in the request 2 weeks before the job change:

  1. They said they could do that, but only by changing my entire identity. I griped saying I really only wanted a different email, but if that's the only way to do it, I was fine.
  2. So they were about to do it and they emailed me all the things that were going to break by doing this. I mentioned thanks and would take them on, but I really had just wanted another email address (and re-explained what I was trying to do). So they cancelled the order, and asked me to talk to another group (communications).
  3. The other group said that I can't just add an email address, so sent me back to the first group, which had cancelled my order. So I asked them again could they please put me back in the queue... but they didn't get my order in for days to change the ID.
  4. Instead of creating a new ID, they copied my old ID to my new one and instead of leaving on the OOO message, they set the old address as a forwarder -- so I not only didn't get a clean email (I had 80,000 emails that I had to clean up manually to start fresh), it was also still getting all the old roles emails, and those people weren't getting messages on where to go for support.
  5. I asked them to fix it (please leave an OOO message on the old account and re-explained why). They said fine, it was fixed.
  6. What they had done is turned on OOO message on the new account, and since the old account was forwarded, they would get the OOO message (as would all the new people).
  7. I asked them to fix it again, and again laid out what I was asking and why. I need an OOO message on the old account, not the new account. The old account should not be a forwarder. Just let me do my new job with a new email account. Please. They said that I should have asked for that in the first place -- I pointed out that I had in the last 7 support tries. They assured me that this time they fixed it.
  8. What they had done is broke the old email completely, so now it just threw an error (there was no person in Adobe with the old email address). I asked them to please fix it.

Sometimes is what #AdobeLife is. Well meaning people that are superficially helpful, but too stressed/overworked to read a fucking email, and with systems in place that won't allow them to the most basic things like fix an email address.