2020.06.21 Bubba Wallace and the Noose

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Wallace's team got hysterical and assumed racism because there was a "noose" in his Garage stall at Talladega Superspeedway, and he's black, so racism... it must be a bigot/hate crime. CNN especially, but other FakeNews outlets did double time on sensationalizing this... only the noose was there for months, and it was just a garage door pull, and was obviously not targeting him, since they had no idea who would have that garage. Then he went on to CNN and elsewhere to claim, "it was a noose" and double-down on dumb.

So everyone that hyped this should have egg on their face, and feel shame for not doing something more reasonable than pearl clutching overreactions. There might be real racism out there, but each over-reaction like this, dilutes it... and because they have to keep sensationalizing these fake events, it kind of proves that real racism (and real racism) isn't common enough to feed the need for the intersectional Marxists to divide us based on race.

Remember, racism is about intent. Assuming that you know the intent of something/someone before investigating is bigoted - and it's certainly not journalism. So the idiots that made a spectacle before trying to get the story, and the press that reported it as such, are the problem.


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The FakeHate grievance industry is so broad, that they are branching out, and have to have multiple divisions. Hey, you get what you incentivize. and the virtue signaling left rewards victimhood -- so people are lining up to join in. This is just the subset of FakeHate that is specifically about fake racial crimes.
None of this is to diminish that there still is real hate in America. But it is rare, and often directed at the right, while here's a few dozen (hundreds) of examples of Faked hate for political gain. Fake Hate still feels like hate. The reason FakeHate happens is partly to incite violence and convince others on the left that anything they do back, is justified, because "they did it first" (even when they didn't). In order to instigate change ("progress") you have to convince people that things are so bad, that they need violence, revolution or change, so the left has always been more willing to go there. And the media has been willing to suppress the side of stories they don't like. The WSJ published a study that fully 66% (2/3rds) of "Hate Crimes" turn out to be faked, and only 1/3rd are real. That surge in hate crimes after Trump's election was more by the left than the right. If anything in here is News to you, then the News hasn't been doing its job.
Bubba Wallace
Bubba is the Colin Kaepernick of NASCAR, turning things racial that weren't, and alienating people that otherwise might be friends and co-workers, if he wasn't such a whiney douche.
In 1980 Ted Turner started CNN, and put his left center spin on "the news". His later marriage to Hanoi Jane Fonda didn't help perceptions, nor did the newsrooms agenda convey a fully objective tone. He wanted to be the 24 hour version of the same left of center news outlets like CBS, ABC, NBC. So it was founded on his flavor of bias, and went downhill. It wouldn't be quite so bad, if they were just honest about it: but the faux air of objectivity, and denial of any bias, makes it worse.