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While Crowd Size vs. Vote Count doesn't prove anything, it hints strongly. Facebook and Twitter try to suppress this with fake Fact Checks saying that the reason Biden couldn't draw crowds was only because he didn't want to and was "social distancing", but he did try a few times, and fell flat. Those campaigning with/for him tried, and fell flat. Polls showed a HUGE voter enthusiasm difference, and that translates to votes. So why did Biden outperform Obama and everyone in history, as such a hugely flawed candidate.

There is an argument to be made that it was because the left so despised Trump that they turned out just to vote against him. And while the left being hateful and spiteful and only doing their civic responsibility to screw the other guy fits their culture -- it's still highly improbable. The polls did not really show that degree of animosity, with Trump often out-polling Obama, and that's with the huge Shy Trump Voter effect in play. So you have to have no critical thinking or skepticism to believe this fully explains the effect. Especially in light of all the other things that are additive towards a corrupted election.


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2020 Voter Fraud
This is a list of some of the questionable things going on with the 2020 Election vote. Some of these may get proven as just suspicious later, many may never be proven, but all are sketchy outliers that offer reasonable people a reason for concern. Evidence includes: ArizonaBenford's Law and MathBig Tech CensorshipCaliforniaDead votesDemocrat ReactionDominionElection Fraud WitnessesGeorgiaHammer and ScorecardLate night vote spikesLawsuitsMichiganMinnesotaNevadaNorth CarolinaOutcomesPennsylvaniaPoll Observers blockedPolls disasterously wrongVindicationVirginiaVote RatiosWisconsin • It's not about this election, it's about all of them. If Democrats can get away with this, and suppress a reasonable investigation, then they will do it again. That will disenfranchise 70M+ voters who are getting cheated, or believe they are getting cheated, and that will tear the republic apart.