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George has some irregularities:

  • Biden's poll numbers were way lower than Obama and he underperformed Hillary in every city in the nation except 4 swing cities (Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta and Philadelphia) -- all swing cities that had near miraculous results.
  • There was the Dominion voting system that accidentally flipped 3,000 votes from Trump to Biden in Michigan was also used and had some "glitches" [1]
  • There was illegal absentee ballot harvesting going on by Democrat led non-profits [2]
  • 132,000 Ballots in Fulton County, Georgia Have Been Identified Which Are Likely Ineligible (they had change of addresses, but voted anyways) [3]
  • 95,801 Biden only votes, no down-ticket candidates or issues picked (way out of statistical norms). There were 808 for Trump only.[4]
  • Floyd county misplaced a box of 2,600 votes that favored Trump by 800, only found because of the recount that Democrats screamed was unneeded. [5]
  • Fayette County found a memory stick with 2,755 votes that favored Trump by 500, but they had forgot to upload. [6]
  • Walton County found 284 ballots, Trump got another 176, that they had "forgot to upload". [7]
  • Fulton County violated some legal processes (and is being investigated): that's the county that went big Democrat.
  • Past election rejection rates were 3.5%, with more first time voters and mail in votes (both should have increased rejections), they instead got 0.3% in 2020, brining into question whether they did signature checks or other validations at all. [8] The recount/audit decided not to question the validity of signatures, nor spot check them to see if they'd done their job.

Democrats scream, “ever vote counts”... yet they were perfectly OK with disenfranchising 5,000+ votes, as long as they favored Trump. We’re waiting for an apology from the Dems. I expect it’ll be a long wait.


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2020 Voter Fraud

This is a list of some of the questionable things going on with the 2020 Election vote. Some of these may get proven as just suspicious later, many may never be proven, but all are sketchy outliers that offer reasonable people a reason for concern. Evidence includes: ArizonaBenford's Law and MathBig Tech CensorshipCaliforniaCampaign Crowd SizeDead votesDemocrat ReactionDominionElection Fraud WitnessesHammer and ScorecardLate night vote spikesMichiganMinnesotaNevadaNorth CarolinaOutcomesPennsylvaniaPoll Observers blockedPolls disasterously wrongVindicationVirginiaVote RatiosWisconsin • It's not about this election, it's about all of them. If Democrats can get away with this, and suppress a reasonable investigation, then they will do it again. That will disenfranchise 70M+ voters who are getting cheated, or believe they are getting cheated, and that will tear the republic apart.